Inflatable Cars


Problem: cars are bad for cities... smog, traffic jams, road rage, horns, street parking, parking lots, parking structures...!

The question is how do we get rid of them and make our tranquil urban utopia come to fruition?

Bikes are great. But, they are not for everyone and every occasion (think grandpa in his best heels going to dinner in the rain...) while Segways and golf carts have issues we won't go into...

So whats safer than a bike and cooler than a golf cart? An inflatable car!

Like a stretched out and lowered Onya bike with a fully inflated body the OtherCar (InCar, FunCar, PneuCar...?) features a full body air bag, novel leaning steering, electric hub motor, and disk breaks all around.

V1 was fun and proved to us that the idea was worth pursuing, but because of some steering and stability issues (see the last bit of the first video), we decided to redesign. We reconfigured the steel frame and inflatable body tubing to lower the center of mass and add leg room.

V2 turned out to be stable, safe, fun to ride and fun to crash.

See your local future for details.