We are an independent research & design lab pairing creativity with rigor to bring new solutions in renewable energy and robotics to market.


 About us

Similar to an accelerator/incubator, but with internally developed ideas, we nurture projects through the initial R&D phase, to forming internal entities, and eventually fundraising and spinning out into independently operating companies.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve raised over $70M in research and design contracts, amassed $100M in follow-on capital and spun-out 12 companies.

Currently, we help government agencies and Fortune 500 companies understand energy infrastructure and build transformational technologies that bring us closer to 100% decarbonization.



Otherlab is a group of inventors, engineers, scientists, and businesspeople striving to impact the energy, robotics, manufacturing, and education sectors. Our research lab is a place where ideas are seeded, grow, and develop into startups. We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.



Saul Griffith,  Dounder, Chief Scienttis

Saul Griffith

Founder, Chief Scientist

James McBride.jpeg

James McBride

Co-founder, CTO

Diana Mitchell.jpeg

Diana Mitchell

VP of Finance and Operations


Adrien Benusiglio

Principal Research Scientist

Carrie Davis.jpeg

Carrie Davis

Advanced Prototype Engineer

Ashley Haylett.jpeg

Ashley Haylett

Operations Manager

Jake Lacore.jpeg

Jake Lacore

Shop Manager

Patti Lord.jpeg

Patti Lord

Director of Marketing

Peter Lynn.jpeg

Pete Lynn

Disruptive Technology Engineer


Keith Pasko

Software and Design Lead

Brenton Piercy.jpeg

Brenton Piercy

Lead Design Engineer


Kestrel Materials team


Brent Ridley

CEO and Founder


David Cho

Chief Business Officer, Kestrel Materials


Leah Bryson

Advanced Materials Designer

Phil Hopkins.jpeg

Phil Hopkins

Mechanical Engineer


Becky Hurd

Director of Materials Innovation

Conor O'Brien.jpeg

Conor O’Brien

Mechanical Engineer

Carly Mick.jpg

Carly Mick

Senior Manufacturing Manager


Breeze Automation team

Gui Cavalcanti.jpeg

Gui Cavalcanti

CEO and Co-founder

Team Image Holder.jpeg

Karen Robinson

COO and Co-founder

Kimly Do.jpeg

Kimly Do

Mechanical Engineer

Timothy Duggan.jpeg

Timothy Duggan

Software and Controls Engineer

Team Image Holder.jpeg

Dan Pederson

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Levi Rupert.jpeg

Levi Rupert

Senior Controls Engineer

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current projects


Isothermal Compressor

Isothermal compression saves 40% - 50% of energy compared to standard adiabatic compression. We’re applying Otherlab IP on polymer membrane heat exchangers and compliant polymer bladders to transform existing isothermal compression toward greater efficiency. The resulting innovation is focused on the $25bn global industrial compressor market and an improved efficiency target of 5%.

Ocean Farming hydrofoil

With funding support from ARPA-e’s MARINER program, Otherlab is working with Trophic and UNH to develop a modular, immensely scalable kelp farm that self-fertilizes by using currents and waves to create an upwelling of nutrient-rich seawater from the ocean’s depths.

Passive Thermo-Adaptive Textiles

Developing thermally adaptive fabrics that literally change thickness and insulation value in response to temperature change, allowing the creation of garments that passively respond to variations in temperature. The material change is a physical response, with no wires or sensors and no input from the wearer or any control system. Adaptive garments will enable the wearing of fewer layers of clothing for comfort over a broader temperature range, effectively lowering the heating and cooling requirements for buildings. Project website: http://materialcomforts.com/

Fluidic Robotics

Creating inexpensive, mass-manufacturable robots made of textiles and plastic instead of metal. Using inflatable actuators and non-contact sensors to create smooth, sensitive motion with no moving seals. Utilizing fluid pressure to create the lightest, highest power-to-weight actuation available. Funding support from the US NAVY and NASA.


Spinoff Companies

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 Past Projects

Welding Robots

Welding Robots

Internal Project

Care Cube Ebola Tents

Partner: DARPA

Inflatable Car

Partner: Industry

Inflatable Helmet

Partner: DARPA


Walking elephant

Partner: DARPA


Partner: Industry

M3 Robots

Partner: DARPA


Partner: DARPA



Partner: Industry

APSARA: Cardboard Drones

Partner: DARPA


Internal Project

Cardboard cutter

Partner: DARPA


US Energy Flow Sankey Diagram

Partner: US Department of Energy


2-Axis Sunfolding

Partner: US Department of Energy

Desktop CNC Milling Machine

Partner: DARPA

Conformable Intestine Tanks

Partner: US Department of Energy


Laser Cutter

Partner: DARPA


Thermal comfort appliances

Partner: US Department of Energy + California Energy Commission

3x2 123D Make.jpeg


Partner: Autodesk

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 3.10.03 PM.jpeg

Squib Flyer

Coming Soon

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 Sankey diagram of us energy use


Project partners



University of California, Berkeley

General Electric


US Department of Energy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Yamaha MOtor Company


United States Navy

Ford Motor Company

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General Inquiries info@otherlab.com

Press & Speaking Inquiries press@otherlab.com

Business & Investment Inquiries partner@otherlab.com



Workshop tours are offered on the first Tuesday of each month, are limited to 10 guests and require an RSVP.

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We live in the old   Schoenstein Organ Factory building     in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district.

We live in the old Schoenstein Organ Factory building in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district.

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