Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award


Otherlab has a bit of great news to share: we are incredibly honored to announce that OMC has been chosen by Popular Mechanics for a 2013 Breakthrough Award! The Breakthrough Award is given to products that “represent the highest standard in innovation and execution…they solve real problems...they push technical limits…” Wow! We certainly think so, but it is always nice to get a thumbs up from an organization like this.

Popular Mechanics is the nation's largest DIY and technology focused magazine, and more than that, it’s a magazine that a bunch of us on the team had around when we were kids. There’s something pretty special about building a tool and having our families read about it in their mail.

OMC's CTO, Mike Estee, and Head of Operations, Martine Neider, will head to New York to accept our award next week. You can find a complete description of the award and why they were chosen in the November issue of Popular Mechanics, which will hit newsstands on October 15th.