Today Otherlab was named for an ARPA-E award for "Transformational Energy Technology Projects" to develop an innovative heliostat design.  The proposal "Adaptive Fluidic Solar Collectors" explores a fluidics-based approach to solar actuation.  This new class of actuators combines high-volume polymer manufacturing methods with novel, computationally derived geometries.  The result is a radically reduced cost, high-performance actuator for solar applications.  Otherlab proposed a lean research program, de-risking and developing prototypes at a fraction of the cost of many other projects.   More about the ARPA-E award here .

We're kicking the project into high gear and are hiring a few exceptional engineers.  Find out more about the project and available positions:


The solar project is a success story of science inspired by art.  Above is a piece by the incredible artist Ned Kahn, whose work was one of our early inspirations.