The Material of the Future, Today.

Here at Otherlab we're really fond of cardboard as a prototyping material. From automobile frames to dress forms, it's often the first thing we reach for when trying to convert bits into atoms. Eventually a prototype outlives its usefulness and gets carted down to our over sized recycling bin, ready to be turned back into something useful again.


All of this would not be possible, if it weren't for our giant industrial pallet laser. It takes large sheets of cardboard and produces prototype parts by combining CAD with fire. We think everyone should have this capability.

Unfortunately, while the cost of such machines are coming down in price, they're still out of reach for most people. How do we bridge the gap till then?


We've been working on some experiments to see if we can bring some of the rapid prototyping capabilities of a laser cutter closer to the home hobbyist and the classroom.


It's not much to look at yet, but things resembling parts are slowly making their way out its rollers.

Over the next few months we'll be talking a lot more about they ways in which cardboard, computer aided design, and computer controlled machines can be used to build all kinds of interesting projects.

Stay tuned!